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 New You!

Start now, as Karate helps young and old to generate change in their lives.

Martial Arts can bring you confidence and discipline.  Our Karate classes in Newton Abbot offer you top quality instruction in proven martial arts self defence methods. 

By training regularly, we can help you to chip away the niggles that come from modern living.  You and your family can train together or at separate times.  Modern teaching methods for this old-style martial art allow us to learn how to control your actions and reactions, both physically and mentally.  This productive effort can flood over into the rest of your life.

Control & Compliance training
We've seen changes in our students, many of whom come to us feeling shy and introspective, and they grow so much that eventually they can even teach a class.Training will help your fitness levels, and tone your shape.  We can help you with your posture, your reaction times, balance and coordination.

Best of all (we think), is that this happens through the medium of a martial art based on self defence from real situations.  Certainly, sparring is available to those who want it, but sport and competition are not what our art was created for.  If you are looking for something that teaches you strikes, locks, throws, kicks, chokes & strangles, and how to avoid having those things done to you, then you have found it.

... and we don't do it by beating you up.  The Black Belts and the senior grades are there to help you - they consider it part of their duty for the great things that training has done for them.  So there's no need to worry, we're introduced to working with a partner in a controlled fashion.

Our full-time centre in Newton Abbot is the premier karate training facility in town.  Matted floor and sprung wood floor.  Mirrors.  And pads and equipment on hand.  We love our martial arts and we hope you will too.

The first step is to get in touch:  e-mailing us or calling 01626 360999 to begin your martial arts journey.

We'll see you at our Academy and introduce you to our method of improving you.  For martial arts classes in Torquay, and Ashburton, which you can also take part in, please have a look at the full timetable page.

You can also get details of our classes by filling in the form below.