Real changes to people's lives.
- That's what we witness every day.

  Whether it's someone who is a bit boisterous becoming a little more controlled or aware of others; or perhaps someone who starts out as a real wall-flower and then grows into a confident leader in our classes.  The person who is afraid of violence that gains the confidence to deal with the aggression of others.

Whatever the situation, our path in the dojo is what's important.  It's about how we grow and develop.  The Journey rather than an imagined "destination"...


 Everyone Together

The Family that Kicks Together, Sticks Together.

Over the past decade or so, we have come to realise that although we cannot treat adults and children exactly the same, it is important for children to train with adults.  This might seem strange, with other instructors insisting that children and adults should work out seperately, but what we have come to realise is that adults like to train with their whole family.  They enjoy the camaraderie that training brings, and it draws them closer together.

If you wish to train seperately, of course you can - just attend seperate lessons; but respect the parents who want to train with their children.  It leads to taking great care in training and leads to a greater sense of responsibility from everyone involved.

The children who train with us take great pride in knowing that they are not being taught a "watered-down" "children's karate", but the whole art that adults learn.  It's important for their progress that their grades and accomplishments are as valid as any adult's.  Oh, the children might not be as strong as an adult (yet), but their Karate is every bit as demanding and meaningful.

So yes, our classes are Open to all, from 5 years to 75 years.  It's great to see 2 or 3 generations of the same family training together, it lets you know that we take respect across the generations very seriously.

01626 360999 is the number to ring to get your whole family involved, or you can e-mail us here .




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