The Karate club in Newton Abbot is where we got started.  Nowadays there are a team of instructors working across our group of clubs to make sure that we rarely cut lessons (the exception being when we have an exam or a special guest, in which case all the members want to be there at the event, anyway).
We're not going to turn you into a movie star in three easy lessons.  You wouldn't believe that anyway.  Instead we teach solid Karate to people who want to learn.  Our applications are all real self defence.
The best way to judge whether what we do matches what you want is to come and try it out.  01626 360999 to book your first session.  No fee required.

Dedicated to Black Belt Excellence

You will be learning Karate at our classes in Newton Abbot or Karate at one of our satellite schools.

Karate brings you fitness and real confidence because you learn to overcome the things that hold you back.  Stages of development are mapped through a belt system so that achievements are recognised.

We teach at Karate Academy, King Street Studios, King Street, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 2LG, UK.  You will be able to train in classes at all sorts of times.  Because people these days have a busy schedule we operate 7 days per week and usually only stop for bank holidays and we even run a couple of sessions in Christmas week.  There are day time lessons and evening lessons and we know we can find something to fit your lifestyle.

You can train with your family, or separate from them, the classes are Open to all ages and levels of experience.  Beginners are joining us all the time.

Our satellite schools operate at 

the Ashmoor Sports Centre in Ashburton

and classes in Torquay.  

Our members can train at any of our schools for the same fee.

All you have to do is come along and try us out.  E-mail here  or call 01626 360999  to arrange your first lesson.  If you aren't ready to come in yet, why not call or write and we'll send you further information and the timetable.



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